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Welcome to the unit-plans section of this site. From this page you will find links to various unit and lesson plans under most curriculum areas. The list is slowly growing and as more become available they will be added. If you have any unit plans that you would like to see on this site, email us at here>>>

All unit-plans must have a Moriori theme and a focus on the key competencies

Education-resources provides these units, and the supplementary material, free of charge

All units come complete with all of the supplementary material necessary for you to teach them. You will need internet access to enable students to complete any extension learning for each unit.

Now you can teach your class about a completely different New Zealand culture, without leaving the classroom. On the links page you will find a list of some of the websites available about Rekohu (the Chatham Islands,) including a link to Hokotehi Moriori Trust, which is the Imi Trust responsible for the re-establishment of Moriori culture and heritage, both in New Zealand and on Rekohu.

The essential unit for any teacher wanting to expand their students knowledge is the one titled "Moriori". This is an awesome unit and a lot of the supplementary information is based on the 2000 edition of Michael Kings' book 'Moriori: A People rediscovered.'  Included are photographs, links to other sites and a lot of information for putting in classroom displays and as handouts for students.


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Below are the MSWord Versions of some of the complete unit plans, all with a Moriori or Rekohu theme. Select from the dropdown list.


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Free Education resources unit-plans

If you are doing a unit on settlement with your kids, consider doing the Misty Skies unit as part of your studies. It makes a nice comparison with the settlement of New Zealand. The difference on Rekohu is that the Europeans came before the Maori, and after the Moriori. Have a look, its fascinating and kids love it. This is something completely new for them and gets them away from the 'same old stuff' that some teachers tend to teach for their Treaty topics.

To download unit plan templates in each curriculum area, simply go to the appropriate curriculum area by clicking on one of the links to the left. Each curriculum page has a drop-down list containing all of the unit plan templates....(for free).....or you could try this drop-down list below?

Free Blank Unit Plan Templates


Broaden your own horizons as well........ Perhaps what you think you know about this slice of history, isnt what actually happened.... Come on......take the chance....

Check out some other tasks here at Green-Planet. All of the tasks on the Green Planet website are environmentally friendly and or culturally inclusive.

For Blank unit plan templates, in all curriculum areas. please select from the list below to download the MSWord document version.


Education resources unit-plans

Education Resources unit-plans using the new curriculum document


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