Fishing trips at the Chatham Islands. Catch a fish on Rekohu.

Fancy a half days fishing on one of the many commercial fishing vessels of the Chatham Islands? Perhaps longer, or shorter. No matter. We can organise something that suits your group. Even students that have no experience on the ocean can safely go for a fish. Blue cod can be caught most of the year round from almost any coast.  









Whilst we promote and practice "catch and release," with our groups, we also realise that nearly every successful fisher wants to eat at least one of the fish that they catch. Sometimes these can be cooked on-board the vessel, or taken back to the marae to be cooked for tea.

*  * WARNING * *
We cannot guarantee that you will catch a fish!

No-one can!

We can, however, guarantee that you will have fun trying to catch one.

Most visitors

are amazed that you can fish off

boats and wharves and rocks,

using just a hand-line AND

still catch fish...

.....all day long!







Why Catch and Release?

With the cost of a typical fishing trip, the uncertainties of success, and the appeal of a fish dinner, why would fishermen want to let the fish go?


Surely fishing is about how many fish you can catch. Not how many you can let go?

So why does Kopi Holdings promote the practice of catch and release?


Aside from certain regulations, such as bag limits or size limits, there are a number of good reasons for releasing some of your catch alive:



It's not unusual to catch a daily limit on the waters around Rekohu, and we'd like to keep it that way!


Catch and release is our contribution to the conservation of the fish stocks. Remember, we are only guardians for our children.


Catch and release offers a way to extend the fishing trip before a reasonable, or legal catch limit has been reached.

Catch and release can enable you to continue fishing for longer, netting you greater value for money if you are on a charter.


Experience has shown us, and studies support this; that as fishers gain experience in a particular fishery, they often develop an interest in "limiting their kill instead of killing their limit."


Moriori have a traditional ethic towards conservation, including conservation of food sources and resources.

Rongomoana involves only taking what is needed and not abusing the privilege of being on the ocean.




Catch and Release:

"Limit your Kill. Don't kill your limit!"



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Fishing trips at the Chatham Islands. Catch a fish on Rekohu.