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and welcome to the new education-resources site from Hokotehi Moriori Trust.  All of the resources on these pages are designed to promote awareness and understanding of Te Imi Moriori and are based on the new curriculum document. The Moriori are the Tchakat Henu (tangata whenua, or people of the land) of Rekohu (the Chatham Islands). They have lived there for many hundreds of years and are the original inhabitants.

In this site you will find free unit plans, free lesson plans and all of the information that you will need for your next school camp. The unit plans are designed to be taught with little, or no, prior knowledge of the Chatham Islands needed.

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All resources are linked from each unit and additional links to external information are also provided. Unit plan templates in all curriculum areas are available free of charge as well. has evolved in response to a lack of representation in the education system for Moriori, and, as a result of the resurgence of Moriori culture.

All units and lesson plans are free to download.  

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So deeply committed to their pacifist beliefs and their covenant of peace, that just over 170 years ago, they deliberately refused to abandon their principles in the face of unwarranted aggression, with horrendous consequences. The last "full-blooded" Moriori died in 1933. The Moriori story and Nunuku's covenant of peace, provides a vital message for today's turbulent world.

Peace is not a new concept in the world, just an uncommon one.

For Moriori, peace was Tapu, or sacred and meant survival, appeasement of the gods and mana. Click here>>> for the Peace Tours homepage.

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